Self- Reflexivity found in All artwork

Self-Reflexivity is found in a lot of Woody Allen’s films.  Last week we discussed how there is an idea of self reflexivity found in art, as well as in,  Woody Allen’s, Annie Hall. Three examples of self reflexivity in Annie Hall are:

1. It calls attention to romance and sex; what it means to be romantic.

2. It calls attention to the sex-comedy genre.

3. It calls attention to realism in the art form.

Annie Hall is a realistic, romantic comedy. When Clement Greenberg compares the paintings of Repin and Picasso, the more realistic painting draws response because viewers can relate to it. Greenberg is actually dissing the realist. He finds the symbols found within an artwork more reflexive then realistic paintings. Annie Hall forces you to see realistic love. In Woody Allen’s representation of the real, it forces one to notice the real of the everyday. It would be interesting to find out if Greenberg liked or disliked Woody Allen’s films.

When Algy (Woody Allen) says, “They do nothing but give out awards,” he is referring to how Americans  seem to be awarding the  talented and non talented. Realistically, not everyone who sings a new song, or makes a new video deserves an award, but in America everyone is realized for  “best something”.

In Part 4 of Annie Hall, Alvy  and Annie are having a converstaion about photographs. Woody Allen presents the subtext to us without any romantic undertones. Alvy is trying to talk about Annie’s photographs, but all he’s really thinking about is how she looks beautiful and if she would look as good naked. Annie on the other hand is trying to explain her future endeavors in taking photography classes, but is stuck between thinking if she sounds dumb or whether Alvy is the dumb schmuck. The conversation ends by Annie saying that an artwork to her is “instinctive.” She says, “I try to feel it, I don’t think about it too much.” Annie likes looking at the symbols and beauty of the aesthetics, whereas Alvy goes on and on about aesthetic guidelines.

Throughout the movie Annie is growing and learning more about herself. At the end of the movie she becomes more confident and Annie Hall does not end like typical romantic films. Annie and Alvy do not end up together. It is a modern romantic film. The romance plays in to how Alvy taught Annie a better version of herself.


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