Crime and Punishment Presentation

On Wednesday March 3, our group presented a small skit for Crime and Punishment. At first we weren’t sure of how to approach this book. There were too many angles to analyze, dozens of connections with outside sources and too many characters to briefly mention. We wanted to dissect it from a more creative angle, to engage our audience with understanding and laughs, rather than a dull interpretation of a heavy piece of literature.

I chose to act as the role of Sonia, who Raskolnikov falls in love with towards the end of the story.  Dostoevsky does a beautiful job choosing his characters and having each one represent something different. That is exactly what we did. We decided to take each character that stood out to us and take the role of that  character. All the characters we chose affected Raskolnikov in different ways. We came up with ideas of improvisation, acting and even small skits, but in the end with Dominique’s comic idea of using a puppet, we put on an interesting show.

I liked how it was unlike a typical presentation. The fact that we were behind a table made it less nerve racking. You’d think it would 100 percent make someone feel more comfortable, but even with the table blocking our vision of the audience I was still nervous. Working with a group of people who we just met and coming up with such an imaginative and innovative way of presenting was very fulfilling. We all listened to each-other and provided educated feedback. The outcome was great.


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