Why work for NOTHING

Is there a moment of clarity when there is NOTHING? Modernism leaves one in a different place.  Modernism focuses on the individual. In a modernist society, a person does not believing in living life the way a higher power would want them to. There is no Supreme Being or religion . This would be the darkside of Modernism: rejection of religion with the extension of rejection of redemption. Only YOU can free yourself of your troubles and the troubles of society.

By rejecting religion and living a life where only self expression matters, people reach the moment of clarity when there is nothing. An example that depicts this NOTHINGNESS is Edvard Munch’s, “Scream”. Looking at this picture you would see  a person screaming . Why is his mouth open? Why is he yelling? Why does he look scared? Munch’s painting embodies the negative aspect of modernism. The character in the painting has reached this moment in life where he realizes that there is nothing; nothing to live for, nothing to look forward to, no reason to work towards a goal or even tomorrow, because NOTHING is promised in return. EVERYTHING disappears once life comes to an end. Everything eventually becomes nothing, so why work towards nothing?

F. Scott Fitzgerald is only 21 when he writes this modernist text, This Side of Paradise. We can see that it is a response to modernism. With modernism, comes alienation. Because modernism focuses on the individual, the individual focuses on himself. Amory Blaine tries to define himself in, This Side of Paradise. Amory lives in this period of rejection. Why does he try to define himself throughout the novel? Is he rejecting modernism? Is he trying to break the wall of modernism? Does he enjoy living the life he lives? Does he want more?

The answer to all this and more in a week ladies and gents!


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