Amory an Egotist?

Is Amory an Egotist?

In my opinion the answer is, yes.

On Monday we got into groups of five and discussed different aspects of Amory’s personality.

In our group we talked about James Bond and his similarities or differences with Amory. When you first think about Jams Bond and Amory it is easy to find similarities. The first thing we know about both of them is their god given looks! James Bond is known to be the number one womanizer who not only never dies, or loses a mission, but also is never without a girl. Amory is certain he has good looks as well. He finds pride in the way he presents himself and the attire he wears. There is nothing that boosts his ego higher than his external facade. Amory is smart, but I think we wouldn’t pinpoint at his ego so much if he didnt have those looks that go hand in hand with his intelligence.

The problem is, we can’t just put them in the same category by finding  an obvious similarity between the two. There is more to Amory’s character than James Bond. Amory is always trying to define himself. He doesn’t just go through his life having sex with thousands of girls and getting his way. He seems to have a lot of obstacles. He does not know his purpose in life yet. I think he wants there to be more to life. He wants to have a reason for existing. James Bond knows why he exists. He doesn’t care about proving to others that there is more to him than his skills and looks. That is all he is and he is happy with that. To James Bond a person does not have to have a deeper part. What you see is what you get when it comes to James Bond and he has accepted that. Amory has not accepted anything. He knows bits and pieces about his flaws and gifts, but he is still trying to justify his actions and find different means to define himself.

Analyzing Amory can go in so many different directions. He is too much of a complex character and this is why this book could be viewed in many different lenses.


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