Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 is a Dystopian text written by Ray Brad bury.Dystopia is the opposite of Utiopia. It is an unpleasant place in which everything is typically bad. When we read this text, we know that the world being described is evil, dystopian. The intersting part is, that the people living in this imaginative world are blind to the repercussions they are suffering  due to this panoptic society. The idea of panopticism is central in this story, because there is always a watchful eye over families. Everyone’s eyes are blind the reasons behind the watchful eyes of the few!

Ray Bradbury is  making a point with his far stretched creative story. His characters live in a world where unhappiness stems from knowledge. Everyone is equal, because  they DON’T know what knowing is. Isn’t it ironic how today, a majority of people have access to retaining all the knowledge in the world, yet everyone chooses to blind themselves with media and hedonistic pleasures. Today we are given the choice to learn and become our own individual selves, but even our life is scripted. People go to school to make as much money as actors or lawyers or doctors,  buy clothes to look good, wear makeup to look good, or go to school to look smart.

When I first thought about the idea of burning books to erase the notion of learning, African Americans came to my mind. African Americans were not taught to read and write in order to prevent them from rebelling against their masters. Those who were  lucky enough to obtain knowledge were the ones who soon stood up for themselves and found ways to carve themselves into history.

History is a circle. We take away knowledge from minority, the minority gains knowledge, then knowledge is lost again, knowledge is rebuild, new ideas about controlling flow of too much information is formulated and etc. Everyone lives their lives by censoring bits and pieces of information that would be somebody elses’s source of unhappiness. Knowledge is like a drug; it can either keep you on the rush of wanting to learn more and more, or it can instantly be used against you (death).


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