Stripping Language

Consequences of stripping language forms a new language itself. When the group who presented their project on Farenheit 451 told us to speak without using the word “I” there were a lot of different reactions. This reaction itself allowed everyone to use a different language, therefore sparking each individual student to react differently. Some found the game funny, others found it pointless, some participated and a  few like myself got a lot out of observing everyone. Limiting word choice feeds the Dystopian view of equaling everyone to the lowest common denominator. A Dystopian community can cause conformity and rebellion. The conformity was demonstrated by the students who followed the rules of trying not to use the pronoun “I.” The rebellion was indicated by those who showed attitude, were difficult to present in front of, and did not want to follow the rules of the game. They practiced individuality by voicing their opinions with the use of the pronoun “I.” In a Dystopian society, they would be killed for their insurgence.


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