Methodological Problems

For a general discussion of both the successes and failures of ManyEyes Word Cloud and other applications, Topic Flower, tokenizing and using dendrograms/treeview please refer to our Research Methodology section.

Issues using Xtranormal:

  1. Only allows dialogue between two characters, so it was a challenge trying to work with three or more characters.
  2. Because I signed up as a student (with a token) it only lets me submit my video to my professor. I cannot upload it onto a web page.
  3. Therefore, we go the video up with the help of our professor.

Issues using Neoformix:

  1.  One of the ways we tried to visualize our text set was by using Neoformix. Neoformix allows you to see how the different parts of the story can be connected to each other throughout the story as a whole. This process was not useful because the text was to large for the program to work and find meaningful connections. I tried putting in multiple texts but that didn’t  work either because it was to much information so the connections were off or the text was so large it wouldn’t create the data set.


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