The Day Before First Day of School

Here I am sitting down and trying to prepare for the first day of school. Of course I’ve had many first days of school, twenty to be exact.

This time it’s different, because it will be my first day of school as a teacher- a student teacher!

While reading through a great blog, ( I came across some wonderful inspirational videos, which reminded me of why I want to teach and why I love to teach:

Along with learning from my guiding teacher and experimenting new lesson plans during my student teaching, I would like to play around with the phenomenal  idea of “Genius Hour.” “Genius Hour” allows students  to work on projects they are interested in and develop it throughout the semester: “It provides a path to intrinsic motivation.” (

Rules to “Genius Hour”:

1. Project needs to have a driving question: students needs to communicate what they want to learn about.

2. Project must involve research and resources used.

3. Project must be shared with the class and entire world.

Visit for more information.

With this said, tomorrow I will begin my first first day of school as a student teacher and blog my daily accomplishments and shortcomings!

Wish me luck!

See you soon!



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